Bolikhamxay Province in the middle of Laos actually has borders with international neighbours, Vietnam to the east and Thailand to the west. Its capital is Paksan and within the Province there is the country’s largest Dam, Nam Theun 2 which is a major source of electricity. The Annamite Mountain Range go east to Vietnam while the iconic Mekong River flows through in the west.

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Situated 83 kilometers from Vientiane Capital on the South 13 Road in Thaphabath District. This is an important pilgrimage site as it houses the huge "foot print" of Lord Buddha area is a significant place for all Buddhists in the country. The people in the area believe that when someone is passing this place, one must stop to pray respect to the spirits for a good journey.

Located Thaphabath District near Wat Phabath. This temple overlooking the Mekong river is well known for "Bang Fai Phayanak" or the "Naga Rocket", a mysterious and still unexplained phenomenon, which occurs every year during the 15th day of the 11th (according to the lunar calendar), when small fire balls in different colours are shot out from the river for about 10 to 15 meters and disappear in the sky.

A series of colorful Buddhist buildings on the rocky outcrops surrounded by beautiful nature. There are many large Buddha images, a holy pool, flower gardens, and rocks which have interesting stories of the old legend ‘Nang Sip Song’ (The Twelve Ladies). located 5 kilometers on 4B Road from Pakxan Town.


The Tai Teng form a small, but colourful Lao ethnic minority group. Most live around Ban Nong Or and Ban Napae, 17 kilometers from Laksao in Khamkeuth District. as well as rice farming they are well known for their silk handicraft.


Located in Na Xay Village, Thaphabath District, 70 kilometers on South 13 Road from Vientiane Capital, this Phabath was found in October 2009.

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