Viet Nam travel: Visit Sapa Ancient Rock Field in Sapa
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Sapa ancient carved rock spreads out on the territory of three communes of Ta Van, Hau Thao and Su Pan. It is located in Muong Hoa valley with an area of about 8 km2.
Located on the steep winding mountain road, ancient rock carving ground is consisted of 159 small and large boulders alternating in trees, near the side of the road or in water rice paddies. 

They are initially not impressive at all. But when you are getting off the bus, walking along with the guide to hear the introduction by firsthand, examining the rocks, visitors can be amazed at how the artificial life long creations that there are not any satisfactory answers.

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Most of big rocks  with beautiful carvings concentrate on Pho village. Especially the carvings of human in various postures: image of a person opening the arms with halo around his round head, image of persons holding hands together, or upside down person, or the couple whose genitalials connect with each other as the expression of sinh thuc khi (“sinh” means give birth, “thuc” means arise,”khi” means tools) religion on the pictures of Dong Son bronze drum. 

There are 11 styles of strange human images. Most of scientists supposed this was a big heritage of mankind. Not only did it have great value in and spirit but also was a mysterious massage left by acestor for the following generations

Archaeologists have proven that this area has been inhabited since ancient times. These fascinating Viet remains have drawn the attention of scientists and tourists.