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Laos Travel: Visit Sam Naue in Huang District of Hua Phan province

SamNaue is Located in the heart of Huang District, a border town of Vietnam, located in the middle of the green valley of 1,200 meters, is a beautiful city with a beautiful scenery in the morning. There are many ethnic groups in the area. There are many different kinds of food, dried food from China, Vietnam and Thailand. He was sent to Luang Prabang and Vientiane to have a beautiful figure.
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Tad Sa Loey fall is Located in the middle of the road between Phang Nga and Phonxay Road, No. 6 Samneang to Xieng Khouang, 36km away from the Municipality. The waterfall is very small, but it is about 100 meters long and about 10 meters wide. Cars, motorcycles are accessible, have a bathroom, a restaurant and a courtyard and a trailer can be used to walk.

Na Maueng Spring hot is about 1 km away and is about 22 km away from the provincial town. Being a non-warm, warm natural. It is a beautiful and popular tourist destination for local tourists because it is located not far from the provincial town, car and motorbike accessible, with a separate bathtub and bathtub for the villagers.
Kaysone Phomvihane's House where (in the President Kaysone's garden) people narrate the history of how Viengxay became the center for liberation and suffered air attacks in the beginning
  • Kaysone Phomvihane's Cave Office — the largest cave where gifts, a statue of Lenin, and collection of books could be seen
  • Politburo Meeting Room: in the cave the leaders of the freedom movement deliberated on policies and important decisions
  • Nouhak Phoumsavan's House (Pathet Lao's founding father)
  • Nouhak Phoumsavan's Cave, Prince Souphanouvong's (who was known as "Red Prince") house and garden
  • a stupa erected during the war to bury Souphanouvong's son, Ariya Thammasin to avoid detection during the war
  • Prince Souphanouvong's Cave was used as a protection bunker during bombing by US forces known as "Ravens"
  • Cave of Phoumi Vongvichid who established a schooling curriculum in the cave
  • Cave of Sithone Kommadane, a valiant fighter during early years of war
  • a small Hospital Cave
  • house of General Khamtay Siphandone, supreme military commander who motivated people to take to arms and Khamtay Siphandone's Cave where he established and operated the communication system with his forces
  • Cave Barracks of ex soldiers
  • Artillery Cave where heavy anti-aircraft batteries were operated
  • the Xanglot Cave where weddings and traditional festivals were held during the war.

 Nam Nua water falls   is one of the most spectacular natural waterfalls in Viengxay District, Huaphan Province, because of a large, two-storey waterfall. It has a height of water flowing down to the bottom of the lake and flowing down the stream surprisingly beautiful when it comes to standing close to the water, pumping pure air, and even impressing, not only this area around the water is filled with green trees, which results in every year, domestic and foreign visitors to visit a large number of sightseeing.

The Sa Wang waterfall is another tourist destination in the south, which has been discovered and opened as an official tourist site of the city. In the future, this tourist site may be a waterfall of a sandstone stream located in Pao Nang District, Samui Province, far from the town of 30 kilometers. It is a waterfall coming from a rocky shaft that stretches along the high mountains and has a river. 
The flow of water throughout the year as a beautiful natural freshwater can be one of the most popular of Laos, with a total length of 700 meters, With a total of 15-20 square meters, each party has 21 unique characteristics, unique beauty, attractive atmosphere, attracting visitors to the natural beauty that is equally rich with biodiversity, abundant fresh air, two bamboo streams have a lot of trees green. , There are many animal species such as birds, squirrels and other species, especially those of seven species each day, will come out in the bloody sphere as well. In addition, in the area of streams, there is a lot of evidence of the phenomenon, many of which are astounding - magnificent. For example, rocky, rocky nectar, a ponytail, a pale-shaped tortoise, and a tall stone cave, the ancient goddess of old said, "Cauliflower, which is suitable for sightseeing and holidays during holidays."
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