Travel Guide: Guide register Laos Tour with Phananghong travel
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- Hotline: +85 620 225 - 45 777


Travel Guide: Guide register Laos Tour with Phananghong travelHere are instructions to register your tour to beautiful Laos
and some rules when traveling with Phananghong travel.
1. Registration form: Customers can register with us in the following ways:
1.1. Direct phone:
- Laos: (+85) 0309998889; Mobile (+856) 2022545777.
- Vietnam: 0976.756.783 (+84) 165.972.60.68

1.2. At our office: Laksao - Bolykhamxay - Laos. (32km from Cau Treo - Laos border gate)
1.3. Subscribe via e-mail:
1.4. Contact via facebook (Click here, chat with nick name Ideasaobang)
1.5. Zalo: (+85) 2022454777
II. Regarding the time of registration:
▶ ️ For road tours: The tour registration should be made on an average of 10 days (groups) and from 2 to 5 days (individual guests, small groups, families).
▶ For airplane tours: early registration is required to facilitate the booking of air tickets.
▶ ️ For tours on holidays, Tet, or high season is the summer months, customers need to register sooner to prepare for the tour is more caring.

III. Confirm:

We will confirm the customer's registration program in writing through a contract, e-mail, or fax with a specific program, if the details meet the needs of the customer simultaneously.

Specify which requirements are not fulfilled. Clients receiving travel tickets (individual guests) or signing a contract with the final arrangement (guest group) will be considered as an agreement between the two parties.

IV. Travel fee: All travel advice is free.

Thank you for joining the tour with phananhong travel