Cat Ba Island nominated to become a world natural heritage of biodiversity based on:
- Cat Ba Island is a system of coastal limestone islands formed through history long geological development .

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- Heritage boundaries contain the full outstanding value of biodiversity as virgin forest , flooded forest on limestone , needle forests , caves , mangroves , tidal flats , salt lakes , reef fish and 100 % white-headed langur , along with 76 rare species in the IUCN list are living , fully meet the criteria 9 and 10 of the World Heritage Committee on biodiversity Heritage .
- Heritage nomination Cat Ba Island has a total area of ​​336km2 , is home to 3,860 species .

- What makes outstanding value in terms of global perspective and scientific heritage conservation in Cat Ba is evaluated by IUCN primate with 1 , 2 and 6 species of sea turtle species are classified as critically endangered level level ( CR ) . That is , the White Cat Ba langur , Leatherbacks , Hawksbill , agarwood , Mun , salt ship , Balau , Why Oil rose thorns and her song.

Visit to Cat Ba island - Viet Nam  => Click here

Visit to Cat Ba island - Viet Nam  => Click here

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